Whispering Waves

Whispering Waves


These are the recommendations and testimonies of people who have experience my help and want to share.

Wonderful experience 

For those of you who are looking to find out who you are, what you stand for, or need help with getting rid of baggage, Melanie has a subtle and gentle way of bringing the person you are within, out to the surface. She understands the healing process of past wounds.

She has worked with me for the last 2 yrs and I'm so much better for it. Nancy Fortman

My friend Mother Willow

Tammy knows me like others as Mother Willow, this is what she has to say: Motherwillow has been a wonderful  resource and friend for me, She has been very on spot with her instincts. Every time she has contacted me, she has bee right on. I really look forward to talking to her and have learned to trust her advice. I always look forward to my visits with her. Mother Willow has a true and natural ability. I recommend her to everyone. Love her!💕

Richard Reedy
Richard Reedy

Words from a friend 

Melanie and I have been friends for many many years. Way back from grade school, she has always been helpful and kind. Over the years she has gained much understanding of truth in the way the world really works. I  have  reached out many times to her with questions I couldn’t seem to find the answers to. She has always had ways of finding the answers and very happy to share with me what she had found.

In these amazing times in which we live we all have many questions and I Richard Reedy recommend that you ask Melanie. Her Wisdom and resources are vast. I think you will find her to be very helpful in helping you to find your path.